Sunman Global Express Corp. (SGEC), formally known as Rupali Exchange Inc. is an international money transmitter licensed by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS) since 1998. Sunman has become the house hold name among the south Asia & West African community in USA due to its enviable trustworthiness and quality services. We offer you fast, easy, and secure ways to send money to your family and friends around the world. Registered Corporate Office situated at 3714 73rd street (Suite-201), Jackson Heights, New York-11372, USA and company branch Locations are:

1. Head Office :

37-14 73rd St. (Suite-201)

Jackson Heights, NY- 11372

Tel: 718-505-2224

2. Jackson Heights Branch :

37-17 74th St., 1st Floor

Jackson Heights, NY- 11372

Tel: 718-565-5052, Fax: 718-565-2652

3. Jamaica Branch:

167 05 Hillside Ave., Jamaica, NY- 11432

Tel: 718-297-3443, Fax- 718 297 3445

4. Astoria Branch:

29-24 36th Ave., Long Island City, NY- 11106

Tel: 718-729-0600, Fax:718-729-0603

We currently offer money transfer services to Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan multiple corridors in West Africa. We began business operations in 1998 and have grown to become a well-known brand in the different community especially in Bangladeshi community. We are known for the trustworthiness and consistent quality services we offer. Our correspondent relationships consist of Ten (10) large commercial banks in Bangladesh and one (1) commercial bank in West Africa. We also have commercial paying agreements with non-bank financial institutions in West Africa, India, Nepal.


Tashfiq mannan



Mr. Tashfiq Mannan is the director’s of Sunman Global Express Corp. He has extensive knowledge and expertise of Economics, Finance and the Money Service Business. He is working in the financial services industry since 10 years. Transparency and customer care are the primary focus of our business and all our business activities are directed towards achieving our customers’ satisfaction.


Mashud Rana Topan

President & CEO

Mashud Rana Topan, is the President & CEO of Sunman Global Express Corp. He is the primary person responsible for ensuring that the company maintain appropriate policies and procedures to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. He is active in coordinating and monitoring day-to-day activities of the Business including investigations, customer due diligence, transaction analysis, filing CTRs, SARs, evaluating internal controls, and providing prompt resolutions on identified risks. Managing all aspects of the BSA/AML compliance program he ensures the timely filing of reports with FINCEN. 

Additionally, he assures that all employees and agents are current on BSA and USA PATRIOT Act provisions. He is proficient in key compliance regulations standards such as AML/BSA, the USA PATRIOT Act, OFAC regulations and the US Treasury’s Final Rule of New Customer Due Diligence. Mr. Topan also has extensive training from the American Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) on the latest Tools to Fight Financial Crime and on Adapting Compliance Models for Tech-Based Financial Services.


Sunman Global Express Corp. does not have any liabilities to any financial institution. Books of accounts of the Company are routinely examined by NYS Department of Financial Service. NYS Banking Department routinely sends Agents to examine the company’s accounting records, compliance process and all other policies and procedures every 18 months. SGEC has never failed an Examination. 

Overall, the company has good standing on books of accounts (financial), AML Compliance and policy and procedures along with ensuring customers’ KYC, transaction monitoring and OFAC screening. 


Sunman prides itself on maintaining strong compliance controls. The effectiveness of our controls is evidenced by our satisfactory regulatory examination ratings.  We implement a risk-based approach in our compliance program.   As part of our business, we have integrated compliance within the business processes by using technology and most importantly training.   All transactions at Sunman are conducted in a controlled environment.   We maintain certain required fields in our system that do not permit any transaction to be processed without the field being satisfactorily completed.  This allows us to ensure compliance with KYC/CIP requirement as well as OFAC regulations. Before executing any money transfer transaction, our system automatically screens the fields for the senders’ name and the beneficiaries’ name.  Any potential OFAC match is automatically flagged by the system and requires Sunman’s compliance officer to review and clear the transaction.   

Our compliance program is built on the principle of the 5 pillars of BSA:

1. Policies and procedures

2. Designated compliance offer

3. Training

4. Independent testing

5. UBO

We continuously apply a proactive approach in ensuring that our compliance program maintain current and relevant to our growing business. We maintain records of our customer transactions including KYC files as well as compliance due diligence files on all of our agents and correspondents.