All Money transfer services and payment of funds will be made by Licensee in accordance with the law. We are not responsible for delay or failure to effect payment due to causes beyond our control or as permitted by law. The transaction is not intended for any “money laundering and /or terrorist financing” or other illegal activities. The information provided above is true and correct. The transaction is not received on behalf of any other party. 

Cancelation and Refunds: You can cancel for a full refund within 30 minutes of payment, unless the funds have been picked up or deposited. 

Error Resolution: You have a right to dispute errors in your transaction. If you think there is an error, contact us within 180 days at 718-505-2224 or mail to 3714 73rd Street (Room-201), Jackson Heights, NY-11372 or email to Complaints may require up to 93 days to resolve. You can also contact us for a written explanation of your rights. 

Currency Exchange: All payments will be made in the currency of the destination country using an exchange rate set by Sunman Global Express. Company will only be liable for the amount mentioned in the ‘Total to Recipient’ field in this receipt. Recipient may receive less due to fees charged by the recipients bank/Payee company and foreign taxes. In addition to service fees, licensee makes money from foreign currency exchange. 

Delivery & Liability Limited: The expected time of delivery of the transfer is between one (01) to seven (07) days excluding weekends or holidays. Licensee is not liable for any delay or failure of performance but not limited to effecting payment, if said delay or failure result for any cause beyond Sunman Global Express control, including but not limited to any act of War, revolution, Natural Disaster, the action or omission of any foreign government or any foreign laws or regulations prohibiting the same. Delays due to fraud screenings or BSA, OFAC, or similar laws. 

Waiver: No one may alter or waive any terms of this contact on Sunman Global Express behalf.

 Privacy Policy: In compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Sunman Global Express doesn’t disclose any non-public information about its customers to any non-affiliated third party except as permitted and required by law. 

Warning: Don’t remit to a stranger. If you believe you were involved in a scam, please contact our Anti-fraud department at 718-505-2224. 

Complaints: In addition to contacting Licensee, any unresolved complaints may be directed to the New York State Department of Financial Services, One State street, New York-10004, Telephone at 1-800-342-3736, or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,(855) 411-2372/(855) 729-2372(TTY/TDD),,  CONSUMER@BANKING.STATE.NY.US.  

Sunman Global Express Corp. is authorized delegates of Shaka Express Corp. Company Licensed: NJ, NY, RI, NC, PA, MD, GA, TN, KY, MN, WA, IL , WI and TX. For unresolved complaints, you may contact Consumer Complaint Division: NJDOBI, POBOX 471, Trenton, NJ 08625. Tel. 1 800 446 7467 MD:1-888-784-0136 TN:1-800-778-4215 RI: 401-462-9500 GA:888-986-1633 NC: 1-800-874-9791. WA:1-877 RING DFI OH: (855) 411-2372  MN: Tel.# 651-539-1600, WI: Tel.# 800-452-3328, New york department of financial services, 1-877-226-5697, OR consumer financial protection bureau, 1-855-729-2372,